About Us

What is the Islamic Education And services INSTITUTE?

The Islamic Education and services institute is a non profit organization that was established in Chattanooga, Tennessee in June 2003 with permit number: 0448281. The IESI is dedicated to serve Islam and Muslims in North America.

Our Vision

To be a leading force in providing Islamic education and social services to Muslims and non Muslims.

Mission & Objectives

To serve the American Muslims and non Muslims population by providing educational materials about Islam and Muslims through events, books, lectures, interfaith meetings, media interviews, dialogues, books donations to libraries and schools, and much more.

The IESI aims to provide social services to those in need in our society.The IESI aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of Islam among all people, and elevate the image of Islam and Muslims among non Muslims in general, and remove the misinformation, misunderstanding, misperception, and misapprehension about Islam and Muslims.

To achieve these objectives, the IESI is committed to provide correct information from accredited sources about Islam, the Islamic beliefs, history, practices, and civilization, and to use all the tools available within the Islamic guidelines and our capabilities to achieve these goals.

Awards & Achievements

  1. Yahoo Islamic service award 2004.
  2. Islamic City Best site award 2004.
  3. 2003: Chattanooga Partnership Award.
  4. 2004 City of Chattanooga proclamation.
  5. The IESI online services receive over 50 million hits a year.
  6. The IESI distributed 250.000 hard copies and 1.5 million e-copies of literature about Islam.
  7. The IESI has hosted/sponsored over 60 lectures, exhibits, presentations or lessons.
  8. Donated over 2000 books to area libraries.
  9. Many more.